9 Best Electric Scooters for 2017

You probably saw someone in your neighborhood aboard an electric scooter, and maybe you thought it was pretty cool. Well, let me be the first to say yes, they are, and if you're looking for a super cool motorized scooter, you're in luck! They are much cheaper than electric cars and offer excellent performance. A new introduction to the automotive industry, these scooters can be perfect for your small travel needs. These are rechargeable, rechargeable vehicles, and all you need is how to drive a two-wheeler. Just roll the throttle, and you move. What should you look for when choosing the best electric scooter? Comfort is always a priority, but there are other factors to consider, including ease of maintenance and included safety features. If you are trying to bring these motorized scooters a little further than your neighborhood, you will also have to look at the distance per charge offered, and be able to take more charge. Read more below in our comments. Razor E100